Accepted Papers

Full Papers:

  • Generative Story Worlds as Linear Logic Programs
           Chris Martens, João Ferreira and Anne-Gwenn Bosser
  • Toward Automatic Character Identification in Unannotated Narrative Text
           Josep Valls-Vargas, Jichen Zhu and Santiago Ontañón
  • Expressing the Narrator’s Expectations
           Nick Montfort, Erik Stayton and Andrew Campana
  • Minimal Narrative Annotation Schemes and Their Applications
           Elahe Rahimtoroghi, Thomas Corcoran, Reid Swanson, Marilyn A. Walker, Kenji Sagae and Andrew S. Gordon
  • An Interactive Narrative System for Narrative-Based Games for Health
           Langxuan Yin, Timothy Bickmore and Nick Montfort
  • Narrative Causal Impetus: Governance through situational shift in Game of Thrones
           Beth Cardier
  • Creating Dream-like Game Worlds through Procedural Content Generation
           Clara Fernandez Vara

Short Papers:

  • Toward Recombinant Dialogue in Interactive Narrative
    James Owen Ryan, Marilyn Walker and Noah Wardrip-Fruin
  • The Eurekon: A Design Pattern in Expressive Storygames
    Aaron Reed, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Michael Mateas


  • Capturing Triadic Conversations – A Visual Director System for Dynamic Interactive Narratives
    Bingjie Xue and Stefan Rank
  • Opportunistic Storytelling: An Experience-Oriented Strategy for Playable Interactive Narratives
    Emmett Tomai
  • Telling the difference between asking and stealing: moral emotions in value-based narrative characters
    Cristina Battaglino, Rossana Damiano and Joao Dias
  • Tracery: Approachable Story Grammar Authoring for Casual Users
    Kate Compton, Benjamin Filstrup and Michael Mateas


  • Interactive Narrative for Blender Game Engine using Curveship
    Damon Baker
  • Modeling Social Group Membership Using an Interactive Narrative Authoring Platform
    D. Fox Harrell, Dominic Kao, Chong-U Lim, Jason Lipshin, Ainsley Sutherland and Julia Makivic
  • The HypeDyn Procedural Hypertext Fiction Authoring Tool
    Alex Mitchell
  • Coffee: A Misunderstanding
    Deirdra Kiai