The Intelligent Narrative Technologies workshop series is the continuation of several AAAI symposia targeting narrative intelligence. In 1995 and 1999 the AAAI Symposium Series provided venues for multidisciplinary gatherings of researchers interested in narrative and its role in computational systems. These symposia featured papers on narrative theory, autonomous performance agents, narrative interfaces, generation, understanding, and interactive storytelling.  The 2000 and 2002 symposia on interactive entertainment focused on games, but were also hosts to new research on the modeling of non-interactive narrative.

After a 5-year gap, the community was revitalized with a new series of AAAI symposia and workshops on Intelligent Narrative Technologies (INT) in 2007. Following the tradition of the earlier events, the new INT series has brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers such as computer scientists, storytellers, narrative and media theorists, psychologists, and members of the interactive entertainment industry. In addition to academic presentations, INT has a tradition of fostering discussions of narrative intelligence topics among participants through shared narrative experiences such as improv acting and narrative-focused tabletop games.

Previous INT Events:

  • INT 6, Oct 14-15, 2013, Boston, MA (colocated with AIIDE ’13) [website] [proceedings]
  • INT 5, Oct 8-9, 2012, Palo Alto, CA (colocated with AIIDE ’12) [website] [proceedings]
  • INT IV, Oct 10-11, Palo Alto, CA (colocated with AIIDE ’11) [website] [Proceedings]
  • INT 3, June 18, 2010, Monterey, CA (colocated with FDG ’10) [website] [Proceedings]
  • AAAI Symposium on Intelligent Narrative Technologies II, March 23-25, 2009, Palo Alto, CA [website] [proceedings]
  • AAAI 2007 Fall Symposium on Intelligent Narrative Technologies, Nov 9-11, 2007, Arlington, VA [website] [proceedings]

Related Events:

  • AAAI 2002 Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment II, March 25–27, 2002, Palo Alto, CA [proceedings]
  • AAAI 2000 Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment, March 20–22, 2000 in Palo Alto,CA [proceedings]
  • AAAI 1999 Fall Symposium on Narrative Intelligence, Nov 5-7, 1999, North Falmouth, MA [website] [proceedings]
  • AAAI 1995 Spring Symposium on Interactive Story Systems: Plot and Character, March 27–29, 1995, Palo Alto, CA